Milling head angular-type / BMT45 / E


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Product number: 125454
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Product information "Milling head angular-type / BMT45 / E"
Milling head angular-type / BMT45 / ESX-20 right and left, Spinner flat coupling, ER20 Speed max: 6000 rpm, i=1:1, direction unequal with PRECI-FLEX interface to accommodate additional inserts with taper and face contact e.g. for cutting heads, Weldon holders or extensions for particularly good milling performance of the power tool !


Adapter fly-cutter D=16
Adapter fly-cutter D=16 PRECI-FLEX ® ER20 combination arbor Ø16mm
Product number: 136363
Polygondrehrad 3-Zähne D16
Polygon rotary cutting-wheel for mounting 2 or 3 cutting plates mounted on holder D=16mm to be installed ... (read more)
Product number: 171305
Indexable insert
Indexable insert L=23.60mm, d=6.95mm, Granit 100, 3 cutting edges
Product number: 171306
Indexable insert
Indexable insert L=23.60mm, d=7.0mm, TIN coated, 3 cutting edges
Product number: 171307
Cutter arbor ring Ø16X3
Cutter arbor ring Ø16X3 DIN 2084, d=16mm, D=27mm, t=3mm
Product number: 149292
Cutter arbor ring Ø16X4
Cutter arbor ring Ø16X4 DIN 2084, d=16mm, D=27mm, t=4mm
Product number: 149293
Parallel key A4x4x12
Parallel key A4x4x12 DIN 6885
Product number: 30394